<feature request> Extend the meeting time counter with combined time usage (work hours/ man hours)

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Extend the timer with a dynamical time usage for the meeting e.g.

attendees * minutes = minutes spend combined. perhaps with a HH:mm:ss format...

It should take into account users dropping in and off of the meeting.

Example from screeenshot could look like this:

we were 15 attendee throughout the entire meeting (no one dropping in or off in this case).


32:05 - (Total work hours: 08:01:15)







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Hi @RaneBalslev  I can't tell if you're asking for a feature enhancement or providing a tip.  Is there an action you need from this community?  Thank you.

@ThereseSolimenothis is a small feature request.

I would like to be able to see the total time spent on a meeting dynamical calculated by the amount attendees present

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Hi @RaneBalslev   We ask that users make feature requests or report bugs on our Uservoice feedback forum, where others can vote on them and you can track their progress.  Thank you.