Local server, like SfB

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As we approach the final kill date of Skype for Business, I would like to know, if there is any private server possibilities in the future, like Skype for Business Server? As in NOT cloud based, as my company's security policy doesn't allow cloud based file storage and data sharing. 

I am aware that there is Mainstream Support planned through January 9, 2024, but what to do after that?


We would really like the functions and the smoothness of Microsoft Teams, but are forced not to use it, because of the security reasons. 


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It's quite likely there will continue to be supported versions of Skype for Business Server for some time, e.g. something after SfBS 2019,  but there are no plans we've heard for an on=premises version of Teams. Teams was fundamentally built on cloud services, there's no simple service to make a server from it.