Live Event Recording Partial Download

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Hello, I am having trouble downloading the recording of my webinar. I held a MS Teams live event yesterday evening. Each time I download the recording it is only a partial recording. Tried multiple times and also tried the alternate recording. Needless to say this is pretty frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.

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I've seen this a couple of times and usually it is solved just by waiting. I've seen that Microsoft 365 platform currently have some issues in different locations around the world, your issue could be related to that. So try tomorrow again, you have 180 days until the recording is removed.

@Linus Cansby Thank you for your reply Linus. I guess I was expecting the Live recording to be available for immediate download. Definitely disappointing. I love teams but if this problem persists I will not be hosting webinars using their platform.

Usually it is available for download directly, sometimes there are issues (usually not). Try again today, if it doesn't work try to download from another location (from home instead of office).