Live Components - Is there a way to limit who has access to it?

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Looks like the only controls we have on Live Components is by enabling it and disabling it via SPO PowerShell: Set-SPOTenant -IsFluidEnabled $true or -IsFluidEnabled  $false.  

Normally Teams apps are controlled thru Team Admin Center > Team Apps and then thru Manage Apps or Permission Policies.


Is there a way to control it within Teams policies? We do not want it deployed to entire tenant until we get a chance to fully test with a smaller group.  How can we achieve this?

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For now the only way to control Live Components is by using PowerShell as you have have well mentioned. Pretty sure you have already read the documentation about this:
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@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thank you Juan. I have read the article many times (too many times probably), hoping there was something I was missing.  This feature is a major change and "an all or nothing" launch with out controls/policies really hampers our "launch".  There is really a lack of documentation on such a major change, any resources the Community can provide would be greatly appreciated.