Links to files og reorganizing structure within teams.

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Hello all,

I'm reorganizing the folder/file structure within a team and was afraid of breaking the links, that were previously shared. A quick test on one test-file (create word document - share link - move file - attempt to open file with previously shared link) went well and I was able to open the (moved) file with the original link (within same team).
It is claimed on (on, that links to moved files will only work within the same library and only for office-documents.
- Does "same library" mean "same team"?
- Is it still an "only office-documents" feature?
- On-going development on this matter?




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Yes, it means the same team in this scenario. So files could be moved between channels etc. (not private channels)
This should go for all file links afaik

Thanks for the answer. And well, i miss documentation on this from Microsoft side.