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I`m a school admin and we are using microsoft teams ( free ) for educational purpose and recording all our sessions which is automaticaly uploaded to Stream but suddenly all the videos of one of our teachers has dissapered from Stream while it`s still there in the channel chat on Teams, I checked the recycle bin but also it`s not there so can anyone help to restore this videos or explain what happened and why ? specially that all other teachers videos are still there.

Also I want to ask about one more thing, is microsoft stream usage through teams is always for free or it will expire? and do we have a recording quota on microsoft stream and if yes  how can I check it because I didn`t find any options in the admin center to check our usage.

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well i would check the recycle bin area inside of admin settings of Streams. If this is empty i would check the audit logs (securtiy and compliance center) to see if certain stream activities happend in the last few days.


to answer your second question:

yes there is an admin portal for streams, but unfortunately it is not part of the overal admin right? :)

you have to open Streams (you as a streams/global admin), click on the cockwheel right top corner and select "Admin Settings" (if you are not stream or gloab admin , it would not appear).

In there you will find usage details.


to answer your third question:

Streams will cost you money if you exceed the storage quota. Depending on your tenant you have a certain amount of GB for free. If you exceed, you need to buy additional storage.

--> you can see the actual consumption only there





many thx for your support