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Hi I was looking for some advise. We run regular Teams live events. The last couple have exceeded attendance figures of over 2500 attendees and once it goes over these amounts we start to have issues were users get kicked out and struggle to re join and it also knocks people out of regular Teams meetings at the same time. Our internal network teams have investigated everything internal and can’t find any issues. We have raised several tickets to Microsoft but we are getting stuck in sending various logs with little response. We had one that it happened to today that had nearly 5000 attendees. Anyone had any similar issues or any suggestions?
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Are the users with this problem in the same location and sharing internet connection or are they spread out and sitting at home or different offices? If they are on the same location and it is 2500-5000 viewers I can see that there will be problems since each stream from Live Events averages 1.2 Mbps, but your network team should have seen that. There are tools supporting Live Events that can create a peer-to-peer network between client computers, so that they share the LE stream instead.

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Users being kicked out from regular Teams meeting when joining a Live Event, is that on the same computer? Than it is expected since both wants to use your Teams application, one option is then to view the Live Event in a web browser.

Thanks for the reply.
Our users are all currently working from home and are connecting via VPN. They are all joining via individual laptops. All users are based in the UK. Our networks teams have already looked at any possible VPN issues and haven’t come across anything.

So I guess the traffic would go something like this for users:


Live Events -> Internet -> Company firewall -> VPN -> End user computer

1.2 Mbps x 2500 users = ~3 Gbps usage on your firewall. They should at least see some network increase.


Can a user that experience problem disconnect VPN and see if it is possible to get a better connection to Live Events? Also test if you have the same problem with only a few users, 1-5 users. 


The native tools in Teams will not show that much, not the attendee report either. That is why there are third-party tools like providing optimizing and reporting like the eCDN tools I linked to.


As you probably already now VPN is not recommended when working with Teams and other Real Time Communication solutions, I would recommend split tunnelling. 

Thanks. Our networks team have checked as much as they can and we have reached out to Microsoft, unfortunately we don’t seem to be getting much help.
It’s an intermittent issue and dosnt seem to happen with smaller events I was wondering if there is anything else to check rather then just our internal network maybe something with Azure?

Of course it could be something in Microsoft systems that causing these problems, but then they would probably get the same reports from other customers and then would know about this error when you reported it to them.


One other advantage with the eCDN tools is that you can run silent tests with some of them, so they can test the performance prior to the event without viewers having to start watching a Live Event on their computer.


I think that your network team at least should see some impact on the network, if not maybe the traffic goes another way?