Issues exporting Power BI data from embedded reports in Teams

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We're experiencing issues with exporting Power BI data from Teams. The error message is:


"File couldn't be created. Executing the Query for the Export Data operation resulted in an error."


It's affecting some reports and not others, and I can't find a correlation with the affected/unaffected reports. It's affecting some reports in a specific workspace/Team and not others and the issue is occuring across multiple workspaces/Teams. The same issue happens on both desktop and web app, and the report settings for the affected reports are the same as the unaffected reports. Both normal tables and matrix tables are affected. 


This seems to be a Teams issue as the data can be exported from the PBI Service okay. It's very annoying as we have minimal Pro licenses in our organisation - almost everyone accesses their data through embedded reports in Teams.


Is anyone else having this issue or is it an "us" problem?

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Looks like a new (global) issue. I received same query from 3 users since yesterday. These 3 are viewing 3 different reports/dashboards and not on the same network.
Note: None of them are using PBI via teams in my case.
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I too encountered this, and after much debugging, it turns out that the embed URL has changed for our reports; the older embed URL still was showing the report and had all the "normal" day-to-day functionality like dynamically filtering/slicing data and the like, but the export functionality didn't work at all (same error as above). Once I replaced the embedded dashboards using the new URLs, the export functionality began working again.

For reference, the difference between the old and new URLs is that while both URLs were at our PowerBI tenant app hostname (we're in the govcloud, so and then "/reportEmbed", for the old URLs, the query string parameters contained one named "groupId"; the new URLs do *not* contain the "groupId" parameter, but contain a new one, "config", that is set to what looks like a long hashed/encrypted string.
We also realized replacing the URL solved the issue but didn't know why - thank you for sharing!

@HomebreQueso Thanks for sharing the fix.