Issue with Sharing Powerpoint Presentation in a Teams Meeting

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I had a Teams meeting with multiple people (~20-30 people) who joined. For the meeting (I created), I shared my screen and chose the PowerPoint file that I had opened to share. Everyone could see the PowerPoint File, but when I entered Presentation Mode it still showed the main PowerPoint editor screen on everyone else's screen but mine. I was in Presentation mode, but no one else was. I had practiced this multiple times with other people previous to the meeting and they all saw the presentation mode with out any issues. Do you have any idea why this wasn't working for me with this meeting? 

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Could be a one of an issue with the Microsoft PowerPoint and Teams.

Since the last wherein the things have Worked have you made any changes in the application? Have you recently added a Dual Monitor recently?

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I have the same experience and wondering whether this due to lack of RAM.



This is normal behavior, because you select Teams to show the PowerPoint editor screen. If you only have one screen you might be using the option to share the whole screen the last times? Than everyone will see the exact same thing as you do.


If you just want to share the presentation you would have to start the presentation, go back to Teams, share the presentation, and go back to the presentation.


There is also the new presenters view coming up to Teams, this might be something you want to take a look into!



I am having several issues sharing my Powerpoint in presentation mode on Teams. I use dual monitors in addition to my Mac.

Using the Office 365 Powerpoint desktop app for Mac, I was having an issue when clicking presentation mode and having the one of my monitors forced to show the presentation mode slides. I don't want the 2nd presentation guidance slides showing on my other monitors. I was able to switch off the supplemental presentation mode slides by unchecking "always start presentation view with 2 displays" in the Preferences but then it just screen mirrored my exact presentation slides on my other monitor.
So. I moved to PPT in a browser mode which I'm not as big a fan of but will deal if it works. It has major issues to.  I can use presentation mode without in putting Slide Show mode on the 2nd monitor or screen mirroring my slides on the other monitor, which is great. Problem solved! However, when I'm in Teams and click the share my screen button in Teams, both the Teams windows AND my PPT presentation vanish behind the static Mac Desktop windows. This means I can't see what I'm presenting unless I swipe my screen up, uncover my presentation which is now a new Desktop, click on it, and find the Teams window and click on it as well. This is a stressful and horrible experience which everyone can see because I'm presenting at this point.

Please help. 

Same issue.  I share my edit screen then start the presentation but teams continues to show the edit screen.  @rileyj6