Is there a way of tracking who muted who in microsoft teams?

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No, that is not possible to track that. Only presenters can mute others so if you have that problem you should only have a few presenters in a meeting.

@Linus Cansby  Thank you. If I understand correctly, if students are not presenters, they cannot speak in the meeting. And if they are presenters, the teacher (or meeting organizer) can mute them at the beginning of the meeting, but then cannot unmute a student so that he can speak when requested?

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@Italicus If then are not presenters they are attendees. Attendees can speak in the meeting, they can unmute themselves but they can't mute others and they can't share their desktop. Presenters can share desktop and mute others. Presenters can't unmute others, it is only the user that is muted that can unmute themselves. 

@Linus Cansby 

Thank you Linus, so the teacher should be the organizer as well as a presenter and students should be defined as attendees.

Is there a tutorial that explains how to do this? (I am not a teacher, only a parent trying to help teachers).

Yes, that is correct.

You change this setting from Meeting Options, I wrote about it here:

You can also change Meeting Options when scheduling meetings using the Teams calendar.



I am also a parent.  The teacher is having terrible problems using this teams software.


Can this software be used to allow teaching and responses from students without other children continually interfering with the lesson by abusively using the mute button?


Surely the teacher can have authority over who can mute another child????   *while* still be able to interact at her will when she wants with the children?








Hi Andrew,

Well I understood the teacher can "control" the class during the video conference (I think the problems stopped in the video classes of my children - they are now finishing their second week of Easter holidays, so I did not get recent feedback on Teams conference); th eteacher should add the students as attendees (as such students can unmute their own mic and speak), not presenters (the teacher is the presenter, he/she can mute students but cannot unmute them).

Did the teacher set up the meeting like this? 



Not sure how the teacher has set up the system but if the children are only attendees can they present their work so the teacher can check it?     



A attendee can't share content, but if a student want to share content in a meeting the teacher (presenter) can make them presenter when then are going to share and then make them an attendee when they are done.



@Linus Cansby 


Thanks.  I will suggest that to the teacher.  


However what is required is a super user called teacher or moderator rather than only presenters or attendees.


It is a bit crazy making to use a system not designed for teaching children

@Linus Cansby 

I was actually doing some testing with Teams last week. We found out that in a meeting, anyone can mute anyone else! 

I was the Meeting Organizer, and they could even mute me.


@Carolyn Gaither That is correct, presenters can mute other presenters. But attendees can't mute presenters.

@Carolyn Gaither  - Unfortunately in it's default setting Teams meeting is a bit of a bully's charter in a school environment. A video below from a director at Microsoft gives the easy route to settings up the meeting so only the teacher (as presenter) can mute others (attendees). 


As a side note I think it does show a big gap in MS real world experience in education and  the behaviour therein.


I hope this helps 


Great video, thanks!

I had pretty much come to the same conclusion about muting others through testing. My environment is a business, not education, but I used to teach and can see major issues with this as the students start playing around.

Yes, when the organiser of the meeting mutes the presenter, then presenter see that owner or organizer is muted, the message comes on the screen in a pop up that: .......muted you. @Linus Cansby 

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@authorsunilsir   The problem identified applies to use of Teams during the corona crisis.     Presenters in this case are children and the organiser is the teacher.    Teams has no ability to monitor who is misusing the mute to prevent the teacher or another child from talking.   


I will no longer be following this thread now our children are back in regular school



@Ivan_-07 Thank you, 

There is no way to Track who you have muted however Only teachers may be a presenter and Students should be an attendee. If it is not a school meeting and it is just a teacher meeting, and you don't want to make others Attendee's, and someone mutes you, there is a high chance it is a teams glitch. 


Thank you again to @Ivan_-07 

@Carolyn Gaither 


I am livered by what just happened now in a session. There was a nasty individual constantly muting me as the presenter ( I don't know how Microsoft designed this as it's absolutely stupid to say the least - why give the audience / attendee's the option to mute a presenter, surely he /she can put up their hand or leave a message in the drop box).


but this was deliberate and spiteful and my Regional Manager has requested that our head of IT investigate this as well as Microsoft as this individual will be taken to task and that of the highest level. I will personally make sure of it !!!