Is personal use still in preview for Microsoft Teams on Mac?

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Hi all,


Does anyone know whether personal use is still in preview for Microsoft Teams on Mac? I can see it is still in preview for Safari using the web version.


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Hello, you can use a personal account with Teams on a Mac, if that's what you're asking? Still some features in preview though. You can see the FAQ for the details at the bottom of this page
Hi Christian, the account I am using to log into Teams with on my Mac is a personal account and has an Azure license assigned against it hence I have the options for Personal and Default Directory on all other devices apart from on my Mac where I have only got the Default Directory option which is no good for people who I want to communicate with personally on Teams. Mac OS that Teams is currently running on is Big Sur.
I am currently using Microsoft Teams in a Windows 10 virtual machine for the time being using Parallels Desktop until the problem has been resolved on the Mac.