Is it possible to collapse the teams list on the left?

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The list of teams, which functions as a navigation panel on the left of the Teams interface, takes up a fair amount of screen real estate. It seems obvious that this should be collapsible, but I have no idea how to collapse it if so. I'm referring to the highlighted area of the image below.



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Sometimes it is, sometimes not! For examples, when you work with files or apps in teams, there’s a icon up on the right corner to expand the right side area. This removes the teams area you are mentioning

If you mean having always the ability to hide the Teams area, this is a feature we have not Today. You can only do it when you are on a tab

Has any one successfully found out if this is on the roadmap or where the official feature request intake is for the MS Teams Product team?


This is a very necessary feature. The application actually has the ability for responsive UX. If you increase the zoom beyond a specific percentage within the app, the left Teams pane will become dynamic and self hide unless you hover over it. 


Microsoft really should work to enable this capability as a setting. So much screen real-estate is lost without this ability.  



Hi @gtuckerkellogg  The Microsoft Teams Feedback Portal is the place to report bugs or submit feature suggestions to the engineering team.  There is already an item on this topic, so we encourage you to upvote it: Enable users to collapse/expand our teams list · Community (

From a simple business perspective I fully agree and not to sure why this is an issue we are just talking here about the thick clients (aka Desktop)