is here some light version of Teams

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My PC has a Intel i7 CPU and 16GB of memory. And looks like that is not enough for Teams.

I able to run WSL, Docker,  multiple instances of Slack, build C++ applications, but Teams unfortunately is super slow for this configuration (I need to wait 5~30secs when switching between channels for example). Sad to see that modern 3D games needed lower specs than Teams.


So question is:

Is here some alternatives for Teams client to connect Teams server (sadly I have to use this crappy innovative and experimental product because of company restrictions)? Is browser version faster than Electron?

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It's a somewhat common complaint and Microsoft is already hard at work on a new version of the Teams client. For the time being, you can get the improvements on a W11 machine and only with a "personal" Teams account. Support for M365 accounts is coming.
Oh, install whole OS just for chat tool? It is a genius! Looks like Teams heavily depend on OS kernel

Any other working solutions?