Inviting groups to a meeting not possible?

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I want to schedule a meeting and cannot add groups as required attendees. The typed in group name cannot be found. Do I really have to add every member of a group separately?

Of course I can place a meeting in a channel but that would not be the same and is not an appropriate alternative ...

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Not possible by doing a private meeting.

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@Harald_Wolf  I absolutely agree with the individual who asked this question. I cannot comprehend how an app that provides the ability to create a group in "Calls" that captures email addresses, will not allow that group name to be used. The 7 individuals in my group are not part of the channel because it is not appropriate for them to be there. What is the purpose of omitting this capability? And finally, why can't meeting invites be saved as drafts? Why do I have to restart an entire invite if I need to look up an email address in a chat or file? This meeting invite is baffling to me. The assumption that TEAMS is only for the insular team is incorrect. 

You should be able to use groups now! I agree on the draft thing! But just use Outlook to schedule if possible