Integration of SharePoint/Lists, To Do/Planner, and Forms with Power Automate

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Background: I'm an attorney with two legal assistants. I've found Teams is a great way to work with my assistants when I'm in court, etc. to get things done. But I want to take it to the "next level" because there are still a lot of gaps between what we are doing on Teams (tasks, approvals, communicating) and what we still do outside of Teams. Essentially, I want to bring a lot of those things outside of Teams into it so that we work smarter and not harder. Although I'm tech savvy, I'm by no means an expert or developer.


Overview: Ultimately, I'd like to integrate SharePoint/Lists, To Do/Planner and Forms. My thought is that I could have one of my assistants do data entry through Forms (create/update) and then use Power Automate to create/update SharePoint/Lists and also create/update To Do/Planner tasks. I'd also like to keep a "Master Lists" in one Team where the Forms reside, and then present that information into different Teams by service so that I have one Team for one type of service, and another for a different type of service.


"Master Lists" itself will have Lookup columns to relate data (client contact information, client matters, client tasks, etc.).


After a lot of research, I find I can create Forms, create/update SharePoint/Lists based on Form entries and create/update To Do/Planner using Power Automate. One of the issues I'm encountering is taking that information and putting it into different Teams in a way that filters the services (so that Service A is in Team A, and Service B is in Team B, etc.).


One of the reasons I want to have separate Teams for different services and not perform this in the "Master Lists" (which is in it's own Team) is because my assistants work on different services; additionally, I am relying on one assistant to do the main data entry of creating a client and populating information (the "Master Lists"), while the other one is just completing assigned tasks and updating information accordingly.


I'm wondering whether I am on the right track for what I wish to accomplish. I'd like to be able to show client information in different Teams filtered on the service type so that I can keep things somewhat separate, and it'd be great that either of my assistants could update in those Teams accordingly rather than going back to the "Master Lists" I have. I don't want to keep creating new lists in each Team per my requirements if I can avoid it. 


Any advice or links to resources is greatly appreciated.

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Upon further investigation, it looks like I might be able to accomplish this with SharePoint Embed Widgets. Just not sure if that's the best way to do it. Still looking for advice. Thanks.