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Hi, is there a way for me to change my Microsoft Teams profile picture and go back to simply my initials? Also, I can’t find the option to change my profile picture when I use Teams on my computer.

Thank you
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To go back to initials you need to utilize remove user photo powershell.

Hi, My initials does not show at the top right corner on Microsoft teams so I can't change my status or anything now

If you need to set your teams profile picture to the one you get when you create an account (default profile picture), you need to be on the latest version of teams and this action is only possible on a desktop PC or a laptop. Open MS teams on your PC/laptop and login with your MS account. Click on your profile icon at the above right side of your screen and then click on your name again and then click on "Remove profile picture". I don't really know what text is written there so sorry for that. But I always try my best to help people :). If this isn't the answer you're looking for, keep in mind that you can change everything you see there (including your status) by just clicking on your name. But you need to be on the latest version of Teams by pressing "Check for updates" in the app on a desktop PC or a laptop.

I'd like to change the font of my initials profile on Teams.  is that possible?@User_87 

No, that's not possible

I had the same problem

Thank You

Very nice!  TY!

@kris1930 I don't understand BC I'm trying to find out what's going on BC who was Jonah or  Webb BC that's not me . 


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