Impossible de télécharge le logiciel Teams - Request blocked.

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Je tente d'installer Teams sur mon poste Windows 10.


J'ouvre la page suivante pour télécharger le logiciel :


Mais je tombe sur le message d'erreur suivant :

Your request has been blocked. This may be due to several reasons.

1. You are using a proxy that is known to send automated requests to Microsoft. Check with your network administrator if there is any proxy and what User-Agent they are sending in the request header.

2. Your request pattern matches an automated process. To eliminate, reduce the volume of requests over a period of time.

3. Reference ID: 18.1f721102.1604506666.4921a1f7


Que se passe-t-il ?



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Hello @denisbeurive 

Please take a look at this recent entry from our tech support site.  If it doesn't solve the issue, you may want to open your own ticket for personalized support:




I needed to clear the browser history.


It works!