Icons next to the Meet button in a channel

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Can anyone tell me the purpose of the two icons to the left of the Meet button in a channel?


I know the padlock refers to a private channel. The other one that looks like an ID badge is a mystery.

Both get highlighted when I mouseover; a right-click offers a Copy prompt but you can't copy anything.


The ID badge is not present in all of my teams.




Help much appreciated.



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@Martyn85 It means there are external guests in this Team/Channel. If you hover over it should tell you how many.

This is a disclaimer that the team has guests! Although it should show that info when you hover over it

Thanks @Steven Collier that makes sense. A hover doesn't reveal how many but I can live with that if I know what it means. 

Thanks Adam. I don't get any information when I hover but the icon does turn Teams purple.
I’d try do a full logout of Teams and log back in and see if that helps