I have Audio Conferencing turned on, but do not get the option to join

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I have active licenses and when I start a meeting, my participants do not have the ability to join audio via phone. The "other join options" is greyed out along with the "phone audio". I have gone through all of the help things on the Teams admin page. I can not get it to work. Does someone have any assistance?

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@amerigoberdeski Hi there, this might help you:


Link- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/set-up-the-call-me-feature-for-your-users

Set up the Call me feature

To enable the Call me feature for users in your organization, the following must be configured:

If a user doesn't have dial out from meetings enabled, the Call me option isn't available and the user won't receive a call to join them to the meeting. Instead, the user sees a list of phone numbers on the Use phone for audio screen that they can use to dial in manually to the meeting on their phone.

@Ethan Stern 


Do you know of a way to disable the "call me" feature, but still have the "phone audio" enabled?   We disabled the "call me" feature because it was being abused (people not wanting to bother dialing in manually) and we get this:





and no dial in information.




I know this is old, but I am curious as to what "being abused" means.  Does it cost extra money to have the system dial the participants?

@MichaelFarese Yes, there's an additional charge if you go over your allotted minutes.   It doesn't cost anything to have the participants call in themselves, but the "call me" costs money.   That's why it's set up the way it is where that's the default I'm sure.   MS is making millions off of that "oversight" I'm sure.