How to report a bug in the linux client

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What is the best way to report a bug in the Linux Teams client? I've noticed an issue where the Linux client only polls for audio devices on application start up. When I connect my bluetooth headset, I have to restart my client for it to see the new device.

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Hi @dcrown

There are a few ways, but recommended as follows

1.) Raise here -
2.) Raise a support ticket referencing the bug through the Microsoft 365 admin centre
3.) In the client go to help > report a problem

I will also raise it as a bug with the internal product team after you confirm step 1

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardThanks. I opened the following bug report. I dont see a Provide Feedback option in the linux or Mac clients.

Hi @dcrown

To confirm, I have now raised to the team. I hope that this resolves for you soon.

Hope I have answered your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Is there a bug tracker for this issue that affected users can follow?
I think the community would be happy to help here as it's in our best interest to describe the issues in detail to assist in improving the beta.