How to play music in the background during Teams meeting

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I have a daily meeting with my team in an MS Teams Meeting. Similar to Scott Hanselman's closing credits, I'd like to have a closing theme song that plays at the end of the meeting while I give my closing remarks - something like the closing these to Saturday Night Live - that I can have start softly and build to full volume.


How would I incorporate music into my Teams meeting like this in a way that is relatively easy?

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You need something that can mix the audio and music together and THEN feed into Teams.

Of course you need to make sure that you aren't breaking any copyright when sending music.
As Ed suggested, you'd some form of mixer. There's a couple of options, a physical mixer such as as RODECaster, or there is virtual options as well such as one by VB-Audio called VoiceMeeter.

You could also use the VB Audio's Virtual Audio Cables which simulate an audio in, and an audio out. With this, you can use your favorite media player and send it to the Audio In, and then change your microphone input in Teams to be the other virtual interface.

Another option would be to have a video with the audio recorded for your closing. When you're ready to do the closing, share your screen, and make sure you check the box to send system audio. This is probably the easiest option as it is using the native Teams functions.