How to flip mirror image that others are seeing

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On teams, I am seeing right image but the other person/people on call are seeing mirror image or flipped image. This makes my face look bigger on one side and is cause of constant embarrassment. Zoom and Skype have toggle button to switch how other may be seeing you. 


Please share how I can change how others are viewing my video. I believe this is a basic function and should be there somewhere .


Else, we would have to change the use of teams to zoom for entire organization. 

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If your web camera software can flip the camera, that is your only option, Teams doesn't have the ability to do it in the app. I don't understand the issue, your face isn't going to be different on any video platform regardless of the flip.

@Chris Webb  The issue is that if you have a background image behind you with letters, they will be reversed

Recently Teams introduced option to un-mirror their view and thereby see text correctly.
The default will be Mirror my video to on i.e. how currently the users see themselves without this feature (mirrored).To benefit from the un-mirrored view, users will have to set the toggle to Off.

@Kathy_Cooper @deeeeeeeeeee @KyriacosFiakkas @Chris Webb 

Microsoft is introducing Mirror my video feature which provides user the option to un-mirror their video and thereby have the same view as the other users(s) in the meeting.


Standard release timeline: begin rollout in mid-November and expected to be complete by late January.

You can check the roadmap of this feature at: Microsoft Teams: Mirror my video


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This is the exact opposite of what they're asking for. They don't want anyone (including themselves) to see them un-mirrored, they want everyone to see them mirrored.

Most camera drivers have a mirror feature you can turn on to accomplish this. Otherwise you can always run this through something like snapcam or OBS virtual cam driver to reverse your video and put it back into teams via the obs virtual cam.
Will this be part of a Microsoft Update or do you have to upload the feature yourself?



I do not see this option on my teams.

@kfiakkas I believe it's a new feature from November 2021.  If it's your background photo you are working with I found a way to flip the picture in a photo edit app.  If you have a photo edit app open your background pic in that app and go to edit.  Under Edit there should be a Rotate/Flip edit function.  The flip will give you a mirror image with the words spelled backwards.  I then loaded that as a background on Team Meeting Video and when I used it it flipped again so that the words are in the right direction.  This is a way to at least fix a background pic for your Team Meeting background. 

In my case, I can only access the device setting "Mirror my video" button while in a meeting. I am using using an external USB camera. If I have not joined a meeting this option is not showing. I hope this helps.
It is a fairly new feature and if it's not available what I did was take the back ground and save it in a photo edit app and I was able to flip it there and then save it. I do find it odd, what was confusing me, is that when I view the photo or background it is reverse of what other's in the meeting see.
Not available yet for Citrix HDX Optimized Teams.