How to find the directory of a file-path from the file?

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2020-04-17_18-22-38.jpgCan we see the full-directory-path clearly from the file?

I can open this from here but I still can't get to the folder where it stored.

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Not at a pc to test but you should be able to click open online. Then in the top area you can click back and I think it brings you into the folder in SharePoint where the document is.

You can technicallly use get link and the sharepoint tab and paste that and remove the file name off the end but that can be messy.

@Chris Webb 

I was sent a link to a file that is nested down a bunch of sub-folders. How do I navigate the folders to find that file? The reason is I was told all the files I need are in that folder.


If you open the document in Teams, on the right side near the Close button, there might be an ellipses (. . .) to click for more options. Click the ellipses and you should see options to "Download" or "Open in SharePoint". Click the option to "Open in SharePoint" and this will take you to the folder in SharePoint where you can see all the other documents listed in that folder.

Open the file in the desktop app and then show the info of the file.


For those that might still be wondering about this:
Once the file is open, click on the 'down-chevron' next to 'Saved'.

Then click on the folder's really simple (once you know it...:-))



@Glitterbomb Open file in Browser

 Navigate to the file name 

 Choose the file name drop down in the excel