How to find call start and end time for a meeting?

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I would like to find out what time I called into a meeting and what time I hung up.  I am basically looking for something like Calls -> History, but meeting calls don't show up here.  How can I find this information?

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@gtzpower You should be able to see this in the meeting chat.


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You could also, as an administrator, check in Teams Admin Center.

@Linus Cansby  How do I find this?  It shows up right as a meeting ends, but after that, I cannot find a way back to it.  If I click the "Chat" tab on the left, I only see chats with individual users, or groups of users.  I do not see anything for meetings listed there.


I am not an admin.


EDIT: it turns out that I DO see some meetings there, but only if there was activity in the chat.  If nobody sent anything through the chat, it disappears after the meeting is over and I leave the chat.

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If you go to your meeting in the calendar (in Teams) you should see "Chat with participants".



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@Linus CansbyThat is it!  Thanks!!

@Linus Cansby  What if a meeting is not pre-scheduled then how would you check the start and end of a meeting?

If you just do a "Meet now" meeting it is harder if there is no chat history, since then there is no history saved about this meeting in the client. Then it is the Teams Admin Center you have to check.
Does the meeting duration and time of day the meeting ended only show or pop up in the chat once "all" attendees have exited/ended the meeting? And it won't send if one person has not left, hypothetically.

It seems as though this is the case and is different than how SFB worked.
Thank you for this. In my case, my calendar and Teams are signed into separate accounts for reasons I won't get into. I found that if I re-opened the meeting from the calendar entry in Outlook and opened the chat, I was able to see the times.


I am seeing the start time of my meeting, but not the end time. Not sure why this should be so difficult. Why isn't there simply a history click through for meetings like there is for chat?

@here is a meeting going on right now, or at least TEAMS thinks there is, but I know I left the meeting, so when the meeting ends it will show the meeting end time, not the time I left the meeting.

Thanks! I'm in the same boat and this worked well. A bit clunky to have to re-start the meeting, but I was able to get the information so that's what counts.


I know this is old but wanted to update it as it was the first thing that popped up on my google search. I went digging into Teams and found a CALLS section which shows the length and who called who.



@Linus Cansby... Yeeeesssssssss!!! TY!


I'm also late, but I think some other are having the same question.

Thanks, that helps really with calls, but there is still an open issue with meetings.


My experience: If a meeting is scheduled by myself with an external partner, I can find something like "attendance" as an excel sheet in the meeting info.

In my opinion this is uncomfortable to find and not always available. If someone has a good idea how to get those information (when do I join and when leave a meeting).

Sorry Tom I haven't seen anything that is convenient to get. I think there might be something in the audit logs but that would be a major pain to have to pull out. The closest thing I have is in CHATS it shows the meetings I was in by date but it also shows chats. The best you could to was see when the meeting was then go into the meeting and pull the attendance. Definitely not as easy or clean as seeing your call log.


Hi jfranz, thanks, via CHATS -> meetings it is possible to see start- and end time. It is far away from perfect, but it will help.