How to delete custom teams app from Team App Store?

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I have created a simple demo using yeoman teams app generator, and was able to add the app(tab) to channel and its working as expected. 

But now I couldn't find a way to delete the app from the team store after uninstalling from the team where I have added.

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@praveenpudi , I was able to delete it.

Teams => Apps on left navigation => Built For "Company" => Select the app => Delete

@praveenpudi Could not find the option to delete it. On the ellipses, there is only one option, "Copy Link".

You have to actually click the 'built for company' on the left app search menu, then the ellipses will have the option to delete

Where is this 'built for company' button? Could you please post a picture of it? 
I cant find it in my Teams.

@CaiiqefAprisco Circled in red. Once you click it ellipses menu on your app will have to option to update. If you don't have the "Built for your company name" you probably didn't upload your app correctly or for your company.MST Update Instruction Pic.PNG

@marcusyoung the ellipses are not there (anymore?). How to delete an app now?

Same here! No options to delete anymore!

Same here . No options to delete the app.

There are not ellipses.



You can delete the uploaded app from the Teams Admin Center (Teams Admin ), Under Teams App - Manage Apps
1. Search for the app name from the search bar
2. Click on the app for more information
3. To the right of the view area, click on the Actions (dropdown)


4. Click on Delete




@Ganda_Seth How long will it not be seen from teams after deletion

Thanks, you made my day ;)