How to add events to a Teams calendar without sending out a mass invite to all users

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Hi All,


Just had the functionality to add a Calendar as a Tab to a Microsoft Team.  We were hoping to use this to track days off (as all day 'free time' events with no attendees), and to schedule meetings that the Department can track, but doesn't necessarily require everyone to be invited.  However, every time we add an event, it automatically sends an invite to everyone in the team, and posts the content in the Posts section of the team.

We looked at the Required Attendees, and no one was listed.  Under the Scheduling Assistant, the only person listed under the Required Attendees is the user creating the invite.  There is no one else in the team added.  However, all teams members get an invite in their Outlook.


Is there a way to:

1. Schedule items into the Calendar where invites are not sent out?

2. Ways to limit the users that do get invites if we want to have smaller meetings?

3. Stop it from posting everything to the Posts chat? (similar to adding a tab where you can deselect the "post to this channel about the tab")





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@sdhannant - was hoping to see an answer to this question.  Ever figure it out? 

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We needed the same thing and what works for us is the following:
1. Create a sharepoint page and add the group calendar to that page.
2, Create a new tab in the channel that links to the sharepoint page you just created.
Instructions for those 2 steps are here:

Then users need to use Outlook to add events to the group calendar. Everyone will see the events, they'll appear on the sharepoint page, but no one receives any meeting invites or notifications at all.
Just wanted to add that this overall worked great. I have created the calendar and am able to add appointments to it. Creating appointments did not notify anyone.
However, I did want to notify 2 people of an event, so I created a meeting and added those people to the meeting. The meeting added the Teams Member list to the meeting automatically and, even after I deleted it from the "Send to" field, everyone on the team was notified.
Thank you, Rando! 10 months later I'm noticing this reply. Going to try your suggestion! :)