How Do I Switch Devices for Calls?

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I installed Teams onto my android so that I have easy access to my emails and team messages. The problem I am having is that calls from my ques are coming through to my smartphone instead of my desktop during working hours. I tried logging off of Teams on my phone and closing the app, but as soon as a call hits the que it continues to come through my cell phone.


I'm sure there is a simply solution to resolve this, but I'm very new to Teams and my phone won't stop ringing long enough for me to think it through. All help is appreciated. 

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It looks like the call may be being routed to your cell phone number rather than Teams. In my experience, both clients call if i am signed in to Teams on mobile and desktop.

In the mobile client, if you go to Settings in the teams app and notifications you can toggle notifications so that you don't get notifications when signed in and active on the Teams Desktop App or when in meetings etc .

Worth checking these settings