How can I download Teams conversations

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I'm looking to download or export entire Teams conversations including attachments like photos etc.


One of the problems is that one member of the conversation has an email which is not on the same domain as the rest of the company network and this appears to limit some of the options within Teams.


I have tried to copy and paste but either no pictures are copied, the format of the text is changed such that it is one lump of text or only sections of the conversation is copied.


Send to Outlook is also not an option which is available.


I'm not allowed to install any third party apps either, due to the security on the computers.


What other options are there for this?



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Hi @cosmarchy,


I am an independent advisor responding to MS Teams inquiries.


At this time, Microsoft does not support printing or exporting entire chats/conversations.


Microsoft supports the following chat print options.

  • You can send a single chat to Outlook by clicking on the more options and selecting Share with Outlook. 


You are correct. The copying and pasting methods are tedious, and users have expressed it.


One user said he opened Teams in the browser, right-clicked, and selected print. I tested it. See the image below. It is a screenshot too. This workaround method is not practical either.




You can provide Microsoft feedback by adding your requirements or voting on existing ones. Here is the link to the feedback portal and Chat Print topic


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Hello @cosmarchy,

have you tried exporting chat messages using Graph API? This has been in GA since October 2021:

Announcing general availability of Microsoft Graph Export API for Microsoft Teams messages - Microso...

More specifically, you could take a look at the Teams Export API: Export content with the Microsoft Teams Export APIs - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Teams Export APIs allows you to export 1:1, group chat, meeting chats, and channel messages from Microsoft Teams. Export APIs include the links to the attachments that are sent as part of messages. Using Export APIs you can retrieve the files attached in the messages as well.




Thank you for this information. I was not aware that users had an option. However, based on the content from the link. Since MS charges for the each API exported, this method may not be an option for many users.  


Microsoft Graph Export API Summary

There are two options for using the API – one is designed for Security and Compliance scenarios, and the other is designed for more all-purpose scenarios other than S+C.

S+C scenarios require an E5 license which provides a seeded capacity to use the API without consumption cost until the seeded capacity is reached.


For all other scenarios, there are no specific license requirements, and the API is charged per message exported. 




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