How can an invited Teams guest regain the QR code for Microsoft Authenticator?

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I was invited to an organization as a Teams guest. In the first login, I was required to scan a QR code to add an guest account in the Microsoft Authenticator app. This account wasn't like my own ones because it had "#EXT#" in the account to show that I was an outsider of their organization. When I login Teams guest account, I needed to click a pop-up 2-digit number in the Microsoft Authenticator app to get authenticated.


This was fine for sometime. But then I accidentally removed the account from my Microsoft Authenticator app. So how can I regain that QR code - or how can I add that account in my Microsoft Authenticator app again?


Should the admin of that organization remove and invite me again? Is there an article/instruction/doc about this situation?


Thank you!

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Do you still have the QR code? Press + on the authenticator app on the top right to add and rescan the QR code previously send - it should re-add the account to Authenticator.


If you cannot find the QR code or have deleted it, get the administrator in Azure AD to resend the guest invite to you, or barring this, hard delete you from Azure AD and then re-add you, that should restart the process.


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris