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I've added the Home Site App in Teams, but I need to update the Logo and the Name, do I need to rerun the powershell script or can I just update the zip file with the new logo?

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Hi Kim, This will not answer your question but have you looked into Viva Connect? We replaced the Home Site App with Viva Connect. /Ymmas
I thought they were one in the same? I used the viva-connections-desktop powershell to create my app for Teams. Is this what you are referring to?

Oh ok! I did not used PowerShell for that. I just Allowed the Viva Connections-app in Teams Admincenter. And from that portal I can then customize/change the logo etc.






@ymmas  I want to change my Intranet Home Page icon and Name.  I don't have the "Actions" option when I manage this app, only Update.



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You need to essentially repeat the install via powershell again with the updated logo.
Or just untinstall the App and simply customize Viva Connections as adviced by ymmas
I've repeated the steps and I have the app showing in Teams. Some users are not seeing it at all and some users do not see the updated app. Do you know if this just takes time or is it something I need to refresh someplace?