HISTORY-INFO missing from Teams Call Queues (Direct Routing)

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Hi All,


This is more an FYI for anyone else who may come across this.


When call queue's is setup to forward to an external number the HISTORY-INFO is missing from the SIP INVITE Header to the PSTN Gateway. The PSTN Gateway ForwardCallHistory is enabled and works with normal Teams users, when they forward their calls but just not when done via a Call Queue.


I raised a case for this and Microsoft have come back saying its  "by-design" (more like "by-accident" in my opinion). I am still chasing getting them to update the documentation (at least the powershell one) so state that HISTORY-INFO is not sent when a forward occurs via a call queue.


This is particularly annoying if your using direct routing as you cannot rewrite the FROM header if your telco requires all outbound calls to come from a number within your DID range.

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Thanks for sharing with the community
Well it seems MS have now fixed this and didn't advise the engineer working on my case. Just recently did a fresh SIP trace in two different tenants and the HISTORY-INFO is now appearing.