Hiding Participant in Teams Meeting

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I have a customer who uses Teams to do  One-on-One training sessions with children. They would like a supervisor to be included in the meeting so they can monitor the conversation. They only want to see and hear the meeting. They do not need to join the conversation.


The question I have is can they join the meeting without being as a "Hidden" participant. In other words they cannot be noticed coming in and out of the meeting.





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Not directly that I’m aware of. You could do a recording or would have to setup some other screen sharing service and share your screen via another call service or some other method to prevent them from knowing but there isn’t a way built in.

Imo the easiest way would be to use a screen recorder and record it that way and share on request by supervisor.

Hi @Chris Webb that was what I though as well but just checking.


Thanks for your Reply.


Hi @Chris Webb 


Is this something that you are thinking to have as a feature? I got the same question today.

Something to add in Meeting options? Display name or not?

However then we might loose the option "request to join"