Gif (Giphy) search restricted?

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I have set Teams Admin Center Giphy settings to 'No Restriction' and have set the Teams channel settings to 'Allow All Content', however certain search words yield no results regardless of their rating. But if I used the same search term on those same search words bring up results.  Is there something separate I need to adjust in Admin settings that might be filtering out certain words that might be deemed as offensive?

For example if I search the word 'poop' on it brings up several gifs that are rated G and PG, but searching in Teams brings up 'We didn't find any matches'. 


Sorry for the example and yes this is a serious question thanks

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Hi @JMcG26 ,


You have pretty much done what you can with regards to settings around Giphys.

Not that this answers your question but I like this article as it gives you a better understanding with regards to ratings:


So back to your actual question, I would imagine and this is just my opinion, is that Microsoft will have done some initial filtering of the Giphys that you can search for by way of Teams.

What you should be able to do however, albeit a bit of a long winded method for some poop related Giphys lol. You could copy and paste from into a chat.

I would like to think however that Teams will give you enough to get on with, albeit it might not appreciate you asking it to process the word poop :)






Ha yes sorry that was the most appropriate example I could think of that pulled G and PG gifs, and yes thank you I have read that article researching this issue.


We have a pretty liberal culture at my company and my boss wanted to know why he couldn't get results for a**hole lol


Well if nothing else you have made me chuckle with that one :) And there is a lot to be said for a laugh these days.





Well still the issue stays, if I copy by right clicking, it just copies the current frame.

In order to bypass that, I need to 1st download the gif then again paste it, then finally delete that gif. What a tiresome process.


Please make some control option on Both win 10 (21H2) and win 11

It really isn't (or shouldn't be) up to MS to decide was is an what is not appropriate for us to use in teams, is it?  Did you ever find a way to get ALL giphys to work