Getting notifications on iPhone when active on desktop

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Hi all,


I found a post from 2018 detailing my problem, but that person didn’t get an answer. 

I’m still getting Teams notifications on my iPhone when I’m working actively on my desktop. I’ve done basic troubleshooting (e.g., rebooting iPhone, turning notifications off and on again, relaunching app). Nothing works. Any tips would be very appreciated!

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I have the same issue.  I am missing the settings option that allows me to select to get notifications only when I am inactive on my desktop.  Need assistance please.



Teams - Settings - Notifications -When active on desktop -  Change from "allowed" to "blocked" 

These instructions worked. On iPhone, there are multiple places you can see notifications. In the app, in the Settings - Notifications or in the Apps - Teams menus. Gets a little confusing.