Generate AI Notes and Mentions using Copilot

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I recently subscribed to Copilot and confirmed that it is in all appropriate applications. I setup a Teams meeting and ensured that the meeting option is set to enable Copilot without transcription. Even still, I turned on transcription, so I have a Transcript of the meeting in the Recap tab. However, there is nothing in the AI Notes or the Mentions on the Recap tab after the meeting ended. It says "Turn on recording and transcription, and AI can generate notes and suggest tasks to follow up on."


I was able to access Copilot during the meeting, so I know that it is working. I would have expected that the AI Notes and Mentions tabs would be filled in, since I had the meeting option set to Copilot without Transcription AND I had a transcript. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Does recording have to be turned on in addition to transcription?
  • Does the option to enable Copilot without transcription not work if transcription is turned on?
  • Does Copilot with transcription have to be enabled in order for AI notes to populate?
  • Does it take time for the AI notes to populate (It's now been several hours, and still nothing)?
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The Copilot feature in Microsoft Teams typically operates independently of recording and transcription settings. It's designed to generate AI notes and suggestions based on meeting content, even if transcription is turned off.

@tatitati okay, so what would cause the AI notes to not generate? Is this a bug?

@sreednyc I'm having similar issues and am wondering the same. I have noticed that transcription itself is not enough, you need to also turn on recording, even though the in-meeting Copilot works just fine with only transcription. 

I've been using copilot a week - and for Teams I'm seeing the same thing. I'll start Copilot transcription at the beginning of the meeting - because my understanding is that any recap or notes is dependent on that. No recap occurs unless I specifically ask for a recap - and it's that much more difficult if I've left the meeting - and then want a recap. Tons of potential - but the process isn't smooth.