Friday emergency, where did Giphy go?

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Making my own memes is less productive.  Can we have Giphy back, or did my organization disable something?

10:37AM: I've lost the ability to delete messages; not that I ever make mistakes.

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This mans asking the important questions. Gif's have been removed from our Teams as well.
Yup, its gone for some of our users as well


GIF icon is missing in Microsoft Teams
TM466061, Last updated: November 11, 2022 10:24 AM
Estimated start time: November 11, 2022 8:48 AM
Affected services
Microsoft Teams
Issue type
Advisory Issue
origin Microsoft
Status Service degradation
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User impact
Users are unable to send a GIF message in chat within Microsoft Teams.


dont see that on the admin health dashboard, where are you seeing that?
It's in our admin dashboard under service health but was slow to populate. Maybe they've got other issues going on as well?

@Reburg99 For what its worth we also have disk issues in Azure, seems to be related to the Central region.  Do you think all of the memes are stored in Iowa?

This started happening for us this morning.  We have also lost the functionality to delete a sent chat message.

I just saw this now, when I too totally didn't experience the issue of wanting to delete something. Good news, I can still update it to say something else. Maybe an accidental merge and no code review? No one could intentionally remove the delete button, right?
Same here, giphy is gone in our org and our ability to delete messages is also gone.

Checked messaging policies and team settings, nothing has changed.


@ElementTwo In that Reddit post, did you try this comment?  I'm reaching out to our admin after the other Azure issue is resolved.


We had a few users affected. What fixed it was going into the Teams admin center and turning off giphy in message policy at the org level, then turning it back on and waiting a few minutes for the client side to get the memo. This allowed giphy and message deletion to work again.

Yes... Literally turned it off and back on again. Go figure.

We're also having the same issue.
Where do you see that posted?

Turning off and turning back on GIFs in the Admin Center, then having the client logout and log back in resolved the issue for us as well.

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@joe-loves-tech I was able to restore it with my team.  I noticed in


the AutoUpdateFunctionTestMPAC was checked instead of Global (Org-wide default)  I checked it, and went in and made sure delete messages was checked and Giphy and delete ability was restored.  The mystery is who switched it to the AutoUpdateFuntion....


Hope this helps!