Free edition of Microsoft Teams and geographic data location

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In the free version of Microsoft Teams, where geographically is the data stored?


I can find is reference to using it with an Office 365 subscription and its own geo-location setting (  However as the free versions of Teams is from what I can gather not linked to Office 365, I wonder how users can specify the data-sovereignty of the content stored?


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When setting up Teams free, you will see this message which states that Microsoft may host the data anywhere they wish;


Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 20.53.42.png


Not sure how you would find out, although you do also choose your regional location at this step so it's a safe bet that it would reside in the closest data centre to the location you provide.

Thanks @PeterRising .


I wondered if that may be the case.  It's great that Microsoft are offering this (I like Teams!), frankly its amazing for them to do this in the current climate.  I'd just prefer to know exactly where the data is held.  

Also I'd prefer if on the MS pages where they do comparisons between Teams paid and Teams free, they actually put some reference to it on there.  Heck it would even be a selling point to mention this to some areas of the world.  But ah well.


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