first day of week in calendar of Microsoft Teams

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I have set Saturday as the first day of the week and Microsoft Outlook shows the week days in the correct order. But calendar of Microsoft Teams shows Saturday as the last day of the week. How can I fix this problem?
I am the admin of my organization tenant but I did not see any settings for this matter in Teams Admin.

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This is depending on the app language you set in the client! For example if you have English (UK) you will have mon-sun and if you set the app language to English (US) it will change to sun-mon

There’s currently no other way of doing this.
There is a uservoice for this so go in and vote/


Thanks for this information, I have now been able to set my work week to start on Monday. Kind of annoying that things like this are hidden in the language settings. And I don't know of anyone in Australia (where I live) that starts their work week on Sunday! I have changed my language settings in Teams to be English UK so that I can get the work week to start on the correct day. This should just be a separate setting, independent of language.

@GlenOFI I think it is not only annoying, but rediculous, to have calender settings hardcoded to language. I speak american engkish since i've studied and spent 3 years in teh states, but i live and work in europe. 


Right now, fior thsi group, my settings are american english, yet the autocorret doesnt work - for some reason the os overrueld tehs settings and try to correct "swedish".


I dont bother. What is tie point of selecting settings when they dont work...

@Farhad Mazlumi 

login to the web access via 

got to settings -> View all outlook settings (bottom of screen) -> select Calendar on left pane -> 

Show 1st day of week as:

Show Work week as:


Restart Outlook & Teams the new settings will take effect. This worked for me. 

Seems like a combination of config is needed. Outlook Calendar settings + per client settings.

I already had my Outlook Calendar settings set to Monday; my PC's Teams and Outlook and my laptop's Outlook all show week starting on Monday, but my laptop's Teams showed Sunday until I changed my laptop's Teams language from en-AU to en-UK.

Ooooo Microsoft why. Australia is a Monday-Sunday country!

@Lexicron Thank you Lexicron. This was so helpful. I am based in the Middle East where the working week starts on a Sunday so I really do need Sunday to be the first day of the calendar week. But we also use British as opposed to American English. By switching to Australian English I'm getting the best of both worlds!


But why, why, why does Microsoft tie the first day of the week to the chosen language. These are two independent parameters that we should be able to customise to our unique situations and preferences.

@adam deltinger 

hi Adam,

I have tried several different languages in the MS Teams settings now (incl English UK and German) but still the integrated MS Lists app shows Sunday as first day.

Does each app need to have those settings adjusted or should it take Teams' settings?

thanks for help!


Microsoft should aim for "tied-granularity". The settings for language preferences, keyboard preferences, calendar settings, currency settings, etc. should all be able to be set and maintained separately but you should be able to reset to the defaults for your country and language should you wish to.
@FilRG Thats help thanks a lot

@adam deltingerthis is not correct. In my Android (device) I have set language as En-UK and the first weekday is still Sunday. I want to set it to Monday. There is no option for this :(

this is not working for the Teams Android app
Link is dead.
I set the language in Teams to UK but it still shows as Sunday start. I then went to Outlook, Monday is my start week. Quit all apps and restarted, still Sunday start in MSTeams. Help?


The first day of the week setting only applies to the Outlook calendar. This settings is not automatically transferred to the Teams web client which sadly seems to be using the current browser languange setting, and I don't know of any way to override that unless you change the browser language.

I which that Microsoft would implement a Microsoft AD account languange setting that could be used in all their apps and transferred via token so that the wheel does not have to be invented over and over again :)

This also worked for me. Thanks

Since yesterday Teams show me start of the week from Sunday. I change the language to English (UK) and Polish and it didn't help, in office program and web version it starts from Monday.

Is there anything that can be done?
And why Microsoft you won't add the calendar options to Teams?


It is not enough on my side.

Outlook on PC, web app and teams on PC starts now with monday, lang of these are english, but the teams mobile app starts with sun and the lang of it is hungarian.

Where can I change the lang of the mobile app? (Outlook mobile app is also Eng)