/find for specific Teams gives "We're having trouble loading the results." error

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I have two Teams that I am the owner and creator of that for some reason their documents and posts do not show up in a general search in Teams. Stranger still, if I search their specific Team and any Channels within that Team using the filter function or Ctrl+F from within the Team and type in any search term, it comes back with "We're having trouble loading the results. Try again" error. It does this whether I'm using the desktop app or the web browser app. It only does it with a couple of my Teams. Other Teams search just fine. Wondering if anyone else has seen this? I'm having a real tough time because it's hard to find older posts in the Team that I need to reply to. Thanks in advance!

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My initial thought was an Information Barrier but when reading twice it doesn't seem applicable for your scenario and is probably something related to the underlying service (adding IB info) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/information-barriers?view=o365-worldwide#w...

Best way forward is probably to raise a support ticket with Microsoft. If you're not an admin reach out to that person for assistance with a ticket.