Files in channels grayed out - just text, no link

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Last week I went into a channel folder and opened a file within the folder. When I went back to a different folder and opened it, all the files were grayed out and no link was available, just text. This happens intermittently. I am able to get the file through Sharepoint. I may go back 1/2 hour later and there is no problem. This happens on no particular channel. It has happened on several channels and on different teams of which I am a member. Perplexed!

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It seems to be a problem in the Teams Desktop Client...does it also happens if you work with Teams using the Web Client?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

I never tried it in the web client. Just did. I don't see any problems from there. Have not been able to replicate it. At least that gets me out of a jam when I need to access something. Thank you! Is this a bug in the desktop client?



Seem to be having the same issue here aswell! Pulling my hair out trying to find a resolve! Have you had any luck at all?

Seeing the same thing. Fairly annoying alright.
None so far. I access Teams via the web and it is fine.
I access via the Web when it starts acting up. Works fine there.