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I’m not a huge fan on the Teams file interface and prefer the traditional File Explorer view. It’s faster to navigate and I can drag/drop folders and files at will. 

I know how to sync Teams files to File Explorer - but I don’t want to sync. Rather I’d like to create Teams shortcuts in File Explorer…as some of these shared Teams folders are massive. 

I used to be able to do this by opening the Teams folder in SharePoint (Internet Explorer) and then open File Explorer view. Would then drag network path to desktop as a shortcut. 

My company recently upgraded to Windows 11 and Internet Explorer is retired. Have to use Edge, which doesn’t have the option for opening in File Explorer view. 

Any thoughts are appreciated. 





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Hi @jramzscott

Per the above doc

File explorer is no longer recommended on the SPO experience.

1.) If there are massive folders, create more channels in the Team and spread this out, then sync the channel in the team
2.) Use the Move Function to move a file to OneDrive and then once edited move it back
3.) In Teams use the pinning function to pull out the document from the stack
4.) Add Shortcut to OneDrive:

Hopefully one of these is agreeable to you and answers your question

Best, Chris