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I have a question from the business which I cannot answer using the information on the Microsoft Teams Live Event pages. The question is as follows: Is it possible to select, while creating a Live event, which external users (not without our Office 365 tenant) are able to join the live event as attendee? The option specific people and groups is there, but we are unable to add external users there. So for example when is only allowed to join the live event together with internal users, is it possible to so? And if yes, what are the restrictions? For example; does that external user have to be a registered guest within our Azure AD, or does that person has to have a Microsoft account?


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@Sylvester- Hi, the best I can give you is that if the external user is a guest user within your Azure AD, you will be able to add them alongside internal users and they will be able to attend.


From my testing I can only assume it is a no for just adding someone alongside internal users without having them as an existing guest user. So your only option there is the anonymous option.





Hi @HenryPhillipsNimbitech,


Thanks for your quick reply. Ok, so we are only able to add (external) users with other domains when they are registered as a guest user in Azure AD. Thanks. I guess you mean with the "anonymous option" the public event setting (i.s.o. the private specific people and groups) when creating a live event?


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@Sylvester- Sorry yes, I meant the third option. With the first two being specific users and groups and entire org.






I am having a similar issue - when choosing People and Groups option in the event setting and adding an external address not associated with our tenant (not even in a guest user capacity), I get an error "Check email" and then again following error: 


My testing for this external address trying to access the live event is failing  - I get stuck on the page "Please sign in", but it just times out and never allows to sign in.