Error during teams meeting: There was a glitch and we're recovering... @MicroMag

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@adam deltinger  Hello, as the Office 365 and Teams Admin... I have a problem where I cannot get into my Teams Calendar.  I use MS Edge, Chrome, and the Teams Desktop app.  It just freezes.  In the browser it says the webpage is unresponsive, sometimes "out of memory", on Edge it says that something about a "long time running script" (I used to select stop script and it would refresh and sometimes load the calendar).  I used two different laptops and the results are the same. I can open students' and teachers' teams calendars via the browser perfectly on both laptops.  It's been like that since the end of April.


When I get into Teams, I am usually in all my teams page and I can select a team, or go to the chat or, perhaps "assignments"...but as soon as i click on calendar everything may stay frozen or It j usually just closes the app (or tab) and restarts..then opens and usually closes again...If I am lucky and my calendar does load..then I can switch to teams, chat, etc., and return to the calendar without a problem.


Usually to assure I can get into my Teams calendar I usually leave Teams open all night.  Recently, I have had more success getting into my calendar by doing to following:  I select a team, select a scheduled meeting/class, join the meeting, exit the meeting...then when I click on calendar it usually loads my calendar more often than not.



Well I'll have to wait until my regular meeting on Tuesday. At the last meeting I was frozen out and

disconnected  8 times in 1 hour so we will see. Anyway thanks for all your help.