Endless Verification Loop for Teams

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I signed up for Teams several years ago using my work email, at the time this was a small business run only by myself so I selected it as a personal account. It is not a small business with 10+ employees and I am trying to move to a business account using this same work email address. However this is apparently impossible. 

When I try and login to purchase and upgrade my account I am asked to verify the account in the Microsoft Authenticator app. I am signed into the authenticator app but I do not get a request to approve the request, so I select "I cant use my authenticator App right now". This brings me to a page that says I can approve with a verification code. When I select this it says "Enter the code displayed in the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device​" When I go to the authenticator app I am presented with an 8 digit code, the website asking for the code however only accepts a 6 digit number. I am stuck and have no idea how to proceed past this. I can not find any way to reach Microsoft to resolve this. I am being alerted constantly when I join other peoples teams chats or teams meetings that I need to upgrade my account. 

Can anyone assist with this, or is there a paid way to talk to Microsoft to resolve this? 

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