Email to a chat group or email using @mentions

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We are loving Teams so far and is so much better than getting bogged down with emails.  We need to have some of our automated workflows send out emails and get the notifications in Teams.  When we send to the channel, users aren't getting the notifications like they would via chat.  I've tried favouriting, and ensuring notifications are enabled but it just doesn't send out the notifications.


We need to either be able to email a chat group, or use mentions in our automated emails so the team members get a notification.  Anyone able to sort this out yet?


**Edit** Yes I've also tried using the Follow option and don't get the notifications either.

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Favorite a channel won’t make the cut! Have you made sure to also “follow” the channel??


Yes I sure did!

Hi, @Kyle_OlsenSAB.

Just to clarify that adding a channel as Favorite is different from "Follow this channel" option. Also, did you Personal chat or Team chat when you've mentioned Chat groups? 




When I'm in chat, I can do team or personal mentions and it works as expected.  I need to use our automated system to send an email either using those mentions or else to the chat so people get notifications on their phones as well as the banner notifications.  We're trying to establish a "no internal email" within our group and using teams exclusively.  Allowing our automated workflows to use this is the last hurdle!


Also, afaik, you can’t @mention via automation yet!


Yeah I'm learning that... too bad.

Ok. So since those email notifications are busted even when following. The way around getting notifications is using an web hook connection in your automation on your channels. This will trigger notifications for you.

Check out this article for something using that Method and see if you can work it in.

There are also flow actions now that have mentions but I used them the day they came out and weren’t working but you might check there since you could have a flow monitor an email address etc. to cause it to trigger then post a message with mentions in a channel.

If I get some time somehow in near future I’ll see if they work now if you don’t get around to it :).
As far as i'm aware of this is not yet possible.

Maybe ook good thing to bring up in the feedback
Ok, you can't @mention with flows, it was a trigger when you get @mentioned to do something, so your only option at this point is looking at using webhook connector to a channel so it fires off notifications for people that follow channels for now.
Maybe a thing to try, when you set importance to the email and then forward it to the Teams channel. This will be marked as a important message. See example by clicking the link
I would like this functionality as well, for same reasons as OP. I tried including @<channel name> just like I do when typing in the channel to tag the channel, but the email forwarding simply doesn't recognize the tag.
They announced a new Email integration for Outlook coming, it looks like you can use @mentions in the export form from what I could tell. Hopefully that is the case here, but there is an upgrade coming in this area.

I also want to send email to Teams channel while mentioning "@General" so the entire users will get a notification.
Do you know if the integration was finished and this feature is available?

We need this too.

This functionality would be very useful ! We neeeeeeeeed this too :)

By default, channel notification is off. You can enable with below steps.
1. go to teams tab.
2. you will see three dots on the channel right side of the channel name and click on that.
3. you see "Channel notifications" and select all activity.

Each user has to follow this step to get notified. Hope this helps.

Hi @dduraipandian.

Thanks for your reply. However this does not fix the issue. There is still no notification when something is sent to a channel from an email. Even using a @mention.

This setting is specific to users. So Each user has to enable it to get notified from the channel. Did others enable and tested it out?

have you found solution yet, if yes please help? this is also my problem. some people dont understand your issue here because they dont do automation or ms bot framework.