Email Signature with Chat with me on TEAMS doesn't go directly to me

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Hi All, a coworker and I are driving ourselves crazy with this.  We have added the hyperlink in our email signature<>%3e and it opens up a TEAMS link but not our personal ones. Therefore the person would still have to type in our names. We have searched high and low and cannot find out what the issue is. I thought maybe we had to add ourselves as a Contact in TEAMS but you cannot do that.   So my question is...why would this hyperlink bring someone to TEAMS but not to my TEAMS chat with my name already started?  Thx!

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@kaaven Hi...I did and actually everythign after the users portion came from Outlook. I have tried just the email address, i have tried it within this <>, nothign works.  Are you saying for you it brings you directly to a chat with your name on it?

I did some testing and it works in the Teams app both for internal and external email adresses.
But it don't work in the teams webapp, I haven't tested mobile yet. But I'll do some extended testing later.


Tested and researched

<a href="">Chat with me</a>

This works in the app and the web-app in Windows, as well as the teams app on Android. Works for internal and external users, even those I haven't contacted before. It requires a valid teams email address and that my tenant is allowed to contact external users.


This can't be used to open the chat with yourself.

I haven't tested

  • Mac OS / iOS, I don't have devices to test on
  • Skype/island mode users, haven't got a tenant to test on

Potential problems

  • Tenant has limits on external users
  • Private mail addresses (, not tested
  • If your app is in an other tenant it will not work, you have to be in your own
  • Non-teams only tenants might have issues I don't know about

Alternate code

<a href="sip:mail-address">Chat with me!</a>

This only works for desktop apps, but would work with skype as well. Not recommended though.



I do hope this solves your problem or gives you the explaination you need.