Duplicate an existing Loop Component in the Teams chat?

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Hi there,

We recently found out how to better utilize your Loop Components feature in your Microsoft Teams app, to our Daily Tasks workflow. We found that it is indeed much more nicer to use, much more editable and collaborative, than a measly regular Table formatting

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The thing is we are gonna utilize this for a Daily Task Tracker. So this will involved a lot of duplications.

If that was the case, how can we use the prior Loop Component yesterday as a Template, and re-use it in the coming days?


Is there a way to duplicate the whole Table or Loop Component, and re-send it again in the next Teams chat, without re-building everything again from scratch.


Loop Component is way way better in every way, than a simple Table, but I'm afraid we have to go back, as the simple Table is selectable and copyable, unlike Loop Components.


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This would be very helpful indeed if it were possible.

If anyone knows how to do it, would appreciate your input.

Hello I know this is 8/9 months late but I thought I would share this tip to duplicating Tables - particularly in Loop workspaces which also applies to loop components.


  1. Go into loop workspaces (https://loop.microsoft.com) and create a workspace to store your copied loop components table in.
  2. Go to your loop component (you can see them in the "Recent" section of workspaces), and highlight the column headers only and copy (ctrl-c).
  3. Return to your recently created workspace and past your clipboard on a new line. This will paste the column headers - including all the formatting/labels etc.
  4. You can then copy rows from the original loop component and paste them into the new table.
  5. You can then convert the table into a new loop component and share within teams chat.
  6. If you need to copy this table and its contents frequently (daily/weekly/monthly) then you can just paste the column headers several times in one workspace, and then copy the contents and pasted into each table. You then only convert into a loop component for teams chat when needed.

The headers I feel are always the pain to recreate - especially if they are formatted with people/dates/votes/labels. This solves that issue

hope this helps