Dual monitor - video minimized

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I'm encountering a weird situation and was wondering if anybody else experienced it.


When I use Teams with dual monitors, if I share my second screen, my video on the first screen gets minimized. Why is that? Why would my video on my first screen be minimized if I share my second screen?


Is that an expected result?

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Hey @MarcF285 , Yes this is a default behavior. When you are a presenter with Video feed ON and decide to share a secondary monitor "the teams window on primary screen minimizes" that doesn't mean that your video is off, people can still see you. It's just that their primary view on the main team's window would switch to what you are presenting; they can always click on Your name in the meeting and the view would switch for them, from what you are presenting to your video feed.


If we give it some thought it could be a good thing, personally if i am a presenter and i am choosing to share my secondary screen, most of the times, i have a ton of other stuff open on my primary screen and i need enough room to drag things from my primary screen to the secondary screen to share as per need. But that's just my preference :).






This is a "feature" that my colleagues and I are not happy with. I wish Teams would stay up, when you share a different screen. Could this become an optional setting?

The behavior of this application is beyond annoying. I cannot even keep the stupid meeting window maximized on a secondary monitor on MacOS. This is pure lunacy. Just make it stop doing this, please? Why would ANYONE want this behavior whatsoever?!?!?! Just leave the window alone, for the love of god.