Drag and drop an Email from outlook to teams chat

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I am receiving an error when I drag an email message from outlook to teams. 

"some files couldn't be uploaded because they're missing the necessary data"


Has the ability to do this been discontinued in favor of the teams button appearing in sent messages now



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I have no personally tried/used this feature, but I'm not aware of any kind of discontinuation in this Drag & Drop feature in favor of the Share to teams option available in both Outlook Web and Outlook Desktop

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thank you for the reply, Just as a quick fix I can get those who did drag emails directly into a teams chat to drag the email to the desktop first then add it to the teams chat, its an extra step but this way works fine. 

did you get any solution on this?

Does anyone know if a fix for this is on the roadmap? Still and issue in April 2023.


'You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 4/04/2023'


Strangely, if you drag and drop into a Teams channel it works with no error.





@notanic Has a solution been found? Also having users report the same issue and likewise can do this in a teams channel - just not in a PM.



No fix, no word that I know of that Microsoft will fix, not sure where the bug would be documented since MS removed the user voice.

I am using the new Teams also, and the bug persists in there, so I am thinking it is just not a priority for MS.

After switching to the new Teams today, I've come across this same error.


HI, unfortunately I have no answer yet. 

Hi has anyone found a solution here?


There is an option in Outlook to share an email to a team's chat or channel, 

This has helped me, hopefully it is useful to others who asked in this thread also. 




This is still an issue. Can't find any known issue about that.