Do not Call (DNC) integration with Microsoft Teams Voice


Hi Experts,


One my clients (Insurance company) is looking  to integrate DNC with Microsoft Teams calling. It means, we have a database with all the registered numbers and when someone calls from Teams, it should query the database and if the number is registered the call should be dropped.
I have checked with AudioCodes and PureIP, but their solution is not available in APAC region.


Meanwhile, we are trying to develop a customized Teams dialer using api to redirect the calls to the DNC database. Is this even possible? Can we override or disable Teams dialer without removing the phone license?

Any leads will be much appreciated.

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Inbound blocking of PSTN calls exists (Block inbound calls in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs) but if I read correctly you are looking to support outbound calling.


You could build a dial plan that rewrites specific TNs to another TN (like an admin); the same could be said for creating a route specific to the pattern and route it to a black hole. However, I am not sure it will scale if you are looking to do a large quantity of numbers. Maintenance would also be a concern if things were changing often.

@rjayaraj While you could build an alternative dialer using Azure Communication Services it's not going to replace every scenario (e.g. adding a PSTN to an in progress call).


I would certainly be looking towards an SBC providing this kind of capability, seems like the right place. I don't understand why they would have products but not sell them in a certain area, sounds unlikely to me, they are probably referring to the US national DNC Registry, rather than the specific capability to have your own list.  

Yes, we are looking for the outbound calling support.
Dial plans and manual routing is not a feasible solution as the the registry numbers keeps changing everyday. So not possible to update it on daily basis.
We are working on the alternative dialer and add it as app in Microsoft Teams. However, not sure MS will allow to disable the default dialer without removing the license. There is no need for these callers to add PSTN to an existing or conf calls.

We are also requesting AudioCodes to build a solution for APAC region and run a trial with MS Teams.